4 June 2011

Keep Smiling

Hi All,
         We have had a crap week. I thought I would get some of it out of my system by blogging about it. On an awfulness scale of 1-10 this week rates about a 3 so it wasn't that bad - just annoying. What happened?

  • Car overheated and cost $300 to fix
  • Flew to Washington and SAS lost my baggage
  • Got stuck in traffic for 6 hours on an interstate in the US
  • Was late to a meeting without the things I took to show (they were in my bags)
  • Got charged $1000 for data on my phone as a backup prop for my meeting
  • Got notice that our landlords are returning to Stockholm and would like us to move out a year early
  • Lost my phone in a taxi at Dulles airport
  • I am now horribly jet-lagged
On the flip side there were/are some good things:
  • I got my phone back (for a reward of $160)
  • The meeting went well (how did that happen?)
  • My car now works
  • I met some interesting people
  • We have a long weekend back in Sweden
  • We got the second proof copy of the print version of 5ITCTW-Issue 1
So you can see that things were pretty annoying but not really THAT bad. It all just happened in a 72 hour period where one thing seemed to pile on top of another. I hope that my little list above make YOU feel better. Things could always be worse, in my case I'm sticking with a 3 out of 10 - nobody was hurt and nothing happened that cannot be fixed.

Thanks for reading.

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