21 November 2011

It has been a while.........

Some photos, some farm things, a funny YouTube link (well I think so)
Well, since my last post quite a few things have happened. Lets see if I can recall the main ones:

  • Lili turned 7, we had her birthday dinner in Malmö during a European driving holiday,
  • Yes, we drove 6,000 kms around Europe,
  • We moved house,
  • We went to the dark-side a bought a Macbook instead of a windows PC (shock!)
  • The Rugby world cup was played and won (but not by us),
  • Cigarettes increased in price per packet from an "arm" to an "arm and a leg" in Australia,
  • We had visits from Oma and Opa in Stockholm,
  • I've been to Algeria, Australia, India and the ice hockey (some of these places more than once),
  • We are moving to India next year (well, that is part of the plan).

So, not much really :-)

She take a good photo 'ol Lili does.

Will in Dresden

Our budding model at it again
Did someone say 7 going on 17? At least I'm in this one :-)


Lili in Dresden.

Lately I've been working pretty hard (no surprises there). As part of my relaxation routine I've been meaning to get onto the next book draft I have sitting here but haven't yet found the urge. Instead of that I have been reading up on things agricultural. I added this picture from John Seymour's "Guide to Self-Sufficiency" book - this is his depiction of how to structure 5 acres into 8 plots of half an acre each on a 6 part rotation (where 3 parts are grassed for 3 years in a row and then cropped etc, you know the drill). 

We found an awesome farm in the Adelaide hills on realestate.com.au, ho hum, maybe we will get a bit serious when it is time to come home to Australia (when ever that is). It always relaxes me to imagine growing potatoes and making home cured bacon.

No matter how many times I read his description on how to organise a small acreage I find myself poring over this picture and imagining my own cow, chooks and pigs improving the fertility of 5 acres near Adelaide or in Tasmania somewhere. Yes, you have it right - I daydream about moo poo.

Five acres should be able to support a family of 6 for almost everything. Really? What about Wii, Xbox, amazon and iTunes downloads? Can you grow those on five acres? Well? Can you!
I've also been reading up on India. One of my favorite books is about a shady entreprenuerial character called Balram Hawai, the book is "White Tiger", completely fictional but well worth a read - highly recommended (especially now that I have read it a few times). Michael Sahlberg, a friend at the Indian office put me on to that one. As well as "White Tiger" I'm told that I should read "Shantaram" but it isn't on kindle books yet so we can wait for that. Any suggestions?

Totally different subject. I've seen some bloody funny YouTube videos lately - here is the all time best (explicit language warning). Deathstar Cafeteria

So, maybe I'll find some time to update the blog more often.

Take it easy.

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