3 December 2011

21 Thinking Cards

Hi All, I've been working on the 21 Thinking cards from the Five Ideas simple creative process. I thought these might be useful for "flipping" through during creative work.

Mostly, I had to keep referring to the list when I was using the prompts myself and I wanted to have them as cards, in a book or on my phone as flashcards or similar.

Here is a link to the "21 Thinking Cards" book. I was originally planning to make a kindle version but I wanted to be able to give it away for free so this is a PDF (approx 9MB, 65 pages). Feel free to download and distribute as much as you like.
This uses a publicly shared file uploaded by me to google docs. You could use dropbox.com, box.net, iCloud or a number of other cloud document services to do something similar with word documents, presentations, spreadsheets etc.

Here is a link to the "21 Thinking Cards" album. You can flip through the cards themselves.
This link uses a publicly shared photo album from Picasa (google). You could also use a service like dropbox.com or flikr.com to share photos and albums like this.

Let me know what you think.

A description of what a thinking card is.
Here are 2 of them as an example:

An example of the thinking cards

All 21 will be in a mini-book to be released shortly

I've also been working on an Android, iPhone and Windows mobile app for the thinking cards so you can scroll through them as prompts during brainstorming or ideas sessions. I've loaded the iPhone version on my 3GS right now for testing. So far managed to get:

  • A feed from the blog
  • A feed from Facebook
  • A scrollable album of the 21 Thinking cards.
It hasn't been as easy as it might sound but I should have it working by the time I fly to Australia on Tuesday. Here are some screenshots from the iPhone version. The Windows and Android apps are available for download at the top of the blog page on the left (.apk and .xap files). I could only test those ones in simulation so let me know if you have issues.
The news stream
access to the thinking cards book through the app
feeds from this blog

splash screen - love that picture
all the cards are in a flippable photo album  in the app
Well - add that to the the list of things learned this year.

Toni wants me to make an app called "iWidow", basically she thinks she is an iWidow and that I'm actually married to the MacBook, iPhone and iPad and not her some days. I just hope she knows that I am enjoying myself and that no gadgetry could ever compare to how much I love her :-)

Thanks for reading.

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