3 April 2011

IDEAS INSIDE: Some tools for using your ideas

Some tools that might be helpful for you when using ideas

You could go and search for thinking tools or ways of expanding ideas and there you might find some research, some notes, some blogs or whatever on different innovation methods or ways of looking at things - great idea! That is probably how you found this.

Here is a list of some of my thinking tools you could try in order to expand or use my ideas in new ways, just take the idea and...

1. think about it in a totally new industry

2. think about it in space

3. think about it underwater and in other environmental conditions

4. think about it in different vehicles

5. think about it 200 years or 1000 years or 5 years in the future

6. think about it 20, 50 or 100 years ago

7. think about it if there was no money or other form of currency

8. think about it if all the barriers were removed

9. think about new barriers that could be created to stop this idea

10. think about how the idea 'feels' with the different senses

11. how would this idea be presented in a magazine or newspaper article

12. what new laws would this idea generate

13. how would this idea perform in zero gravity

14. how would this idea change if you used completely different materials

15. how would the idea change in different geographical locations

16. how would the idea look if it was made with software

17. how would the idea be evaluated on a personality test

18. would you make friends with this idea on a social networking site

19. what if this idea had children

20. is the idea the same in the dark

So take any idea and just work through the list - you should come up with at least a dozen more.

Thank you for reading.