3 April 2011

We have to start somewhere...

Ideas can change the world but how do you start? Well, I plan to start by posting a few of my ideas here on the blog and we can see what happens. Before we do that I would like to mention a few things:

1. My Dad started blogging before I did - Backyard garden blog by my Dad
2. My wife had a second life Avatar and a blog before I did
3. I am proud of both of them!

The overall situation is: I have always wanted to share my ideas with people but there has always been the fear that someone would 'steal' the ideas. It is fairly easy to get over this when you decide that nobody can 'own' an idea (intellectual property lawyers are groaning as they read this - whatever), what people can 'own' is their attitude, their determination and their drive to DO something.

So, I was actually worried that someone else would DO something with my ideas and I would miss out. Let us be totally honest - there was no way I was putting my ideas for a new product, new service, new power generation technology, new military technology or new anything out there so that someone else who didn't have that idea could benefit. I changed my mind.

So what changed? I got married to my fantastic wife, we had 2 great kids and then I started to look around and see that I have all the wealth I need - not in money terms but in everything that matters to me. Now it bothers me that the world might miss out on my ideas.

So - my main aim is to get my ideas OUT THERE - because I am far too busy with my other ideas to DO something about the rest of them.

On the new economy. This is not something weird or mysterious, simply that in the Western world now (and growing in developing countries) almost every one of us has a digital device or 3, we are always connected, we can twitter, Facebook, and email (apparently only oldies like me use email). Very soon or right now depending on where you live, you can download movies, music, books and other media right to your device. You can even use your device to make payments for things. Now, depending on how closely you keep up with these things you might say one of two things:

1. Wow, that is pretty far out
2. That is so yesterday - yeah, we are already doing that

So, what characterizes the new economy is both the fact that it is new and secondly the fact that 2 groups of people operate in it - those who know about it and those who do not and get left behind by it. I hope to help you not to be left behind by it!

I hope that some of my ideas can change the world a little bit, I hope that if someone takes an idea for business that they can use it well. I also hope that this blog can be a resource for anyone who is also thinking - 'where are we going with the new economy?'.

Lets go in search of the five ideas that could change the world....

Thank you for reading.